Mixing pleasure with work ūüėŹ


I’m¬†supposed to be learning about the different structures of the skeletal system. ¬†While taking pictures of each piece of bone to study later at home I took the most epic photo of this Mandible. ¬†I’ve always loved photography and now I want to go around taking beautiful pictures of every piece of bone in class! ¬†Well I’ve got to go back to work, tally ho!

Charlie, Eli, and This crazy thing I call life

img_3295My youngest daughter has an imaginary daughter. ¬†Her name is Charlie and she is running my life right now. ¬†Charlie is worse than that elf on the shelf. ¬†She interferes with our schedule and complicates things. ¬†We went out for hot chocolate the other day and my daughter insisted we get a table that seated 5 because Charlie needed a seat too. ¬†I went along with it because I figured no harm no foul. ¬†However she then excepted me to buy Charlie a hot chocolate too… which I thought was overboard so I turned that down. ¬†This morning I was 20 minutes late because Charlie wouldn’t get up and and kept getting into things while we were getting ready. ¬†I’ve had it with this imaginary grandchild of mine, she has to go.


Eli is a guy I dated a few months ago. ¬†I liked him better than most the people I’ve dated in the past few years and after a few months of dating we went out one night to a movie, afterward we had dinner and then sat in his truck. ¬†He told me he didn’t see things going anywhere between us but he liked dating me…. I know what you’re thinking, “what the heck does that mean” yeah I thought it too. ¬†I thought about it all night, chatted with a few friends and family about it and came to the conclusion that what that mixed message meant was that he wasn’t into me but he’d like to keep dating me until something better comes along. ¬†So I did what any wimp would do, I texted him to tell him I didn’t want to keep dating… yeah I did that shameful thing. ¬†Oh well. ¬†After that I was sad, typically. ¬†But I know it was the right thing to do, I didn’t dwell on it and I moved on. ¬†The following weekend I hung out with a mutual friend of ours, Jacob who also happens to be his roommate. ¬†I tried to avoid any conversation about Eli with him but Jacob somehow flat out said that Eli was going on a date with someone that day. ¬†One week after our non breakup breakup. ¬†We didn’t really breakup since we never actually became that boyfriend girlfriend label. But still we dated for a few months and after ending it a week later he is out dating someone else. ¬†I gave myself a pat on the back because obviously I did the right thing. ¬†For anyone reading this, if a guy is worth your time then this would not be the scenario. ¬†I’ve been dating too long to miss these signs. ¬†Anyways here we are almost 2 months later and he texts me out of the blue to ask how I’m doing. ¬†I was polite and went along with the conversation to keep the peace when I hang out with Jacob. ¬†I’m stressed out wondering if there is going to be ¬†face to face conversation with Eli soon where I may have to explain why I ended things via text. ¬†I love hanging out with Jacob because he is funny, nice and super helpful. ¬†He is one of my few guy friends that I have that are genuinely my friends and nothing more. ¬†But he is also Eli’s roommate. ¬†We are hanging out this weekend and I’m stressed about possibly running into him. ¬†As my dad anyways quoted, “This too shall pass”