Camp Nurse

I feel like a child again.  Not because I’m back at camp or surrounded by hundreds of kids but because I’m working with an older nurse who reminds me of my mean grandma.  She is the head honcho around here and is the nurse who trained me to work last year.  She sleeps most of the day sitting in a recliner however any slight movement on my part and she pops those eyes open and watches my every move.  Earlier in the day, after sitting in a chair staring out the window for a few hours, I decided I would go sit in my room and read a book on my phone instead.  As I stood the warden opened her eyes and stared as I walked to my room.  I glanced back and let her know I was going to read and my door would be cracked in case someone came.  About 5 minutes later she yelled out, “Annabelle, are you really reading in there or are you sleeping?” In which I replied, “I’m reading”.   Other than being patronized all day I love working with kids.  We get all sorts of cases in here, broken arms, home sick, virus, sinus stuff, cuts, burns, you name it we have probably seen it all in one summer.  The kids take injuries like champs out here, they stay calm and even though a few may cry they let us help them without a fuss.  Adults would have thrown 10 times a fit had they gone through a quarter of what these boys do!  I also visit them through the day and converse with them about camp life, they are funny and smart.  Although I love my job here I’m ready to get home again.  I want to see my girls and relax in my recliner eating Mexican take out and binge watching my favorite Netflix shows.   This entire week I’ve been humming that song from Indian Summer, “take me home from camp granata(or something like that)”

Author: thegoldenrocks

28 year old single mom of 3 kids, student and LPN

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